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Strategic Planning.

Clear > Accessible > sustainable

Connecting your mission and vision to the daily work can often seem like a challenge. Rosedale Green delivers a thorough, thoughtful, multi-stakeholder approach to strategic planning, for maximum buy-in and success. Your result is an in-depth, multi-year plan articulating your organization’s highest levels of vision and mission, assessing organizational readiness for success, and finally, a list of key initiatives, quarterly workplans and deliverables for departments, teams and people.

Rosedale Green can:

  • Facilitate the development of your organization's strategic plan

  • Cascade and develop strategic plans for your divisions and departments

  • Performance manage your strategic plan for maximum accountability and success

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Leadership Development.

Meaningful direction > maximum impact

Using state-of-the-art diagnostics and thoughtful, practical coaching strategies, Rosedale Green helps individuals and teams become better and more effective leaders.

The Rosedale Green approach to leadership development clearly defines competencies and reveals behaviors, while providing meaningful direction for effective leadership. All coaching leads back to your organization’s strategy for maximum impact.



A well-planned, well-executed meeting propels teams and organizations forward. Rosedale Green delivers a thoughtful and highly-engaging approach to facilitation, helping groups address complex problems, resolve conflict and arrive at solutions.

Rosedale Green supports:

  • Board meetings and retreats

  • Staff meetings and retreats

  • Multi-stakeholder conversations

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Margot was able to translate an often intimidating, misunderstood process into an easily accessible (even enjoyable!) exercise.
— Anthony Tait, Director of Global Professional Development, International Baccalaureate