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About Rosedale Green


Margot Hoerrner



Margot knows nonprofit organizations. 

The entirety of Margot’s 25+ year career has been spent exclusively in the nonprofit sector, working in leadership roles for local, national and international organizations. As an executive with a track record in strategy and operations, she has worked in urban planning, education, behavioral health and international development.

Margot’s passions lie in strategic planning and performance management, leadership development (both in individuals and teams), and facilitation. She founded Rosedale Green to best support organizational impact and success with a consultative approach.

Margot attended Bennington College and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In addition, she has received training and holds professional certifications from the Balanced Scorecard Institute, Interaction Institute for Social Change, Center for Creative Leadership, Rockwood Leadership Institute, and Disney Institute for Business Excellence, which, combined with her practical experience, has greatly influenced her practice.

In 2008, Margot was elected to serve as an ANC Commissioner, supporting the Mayor and City Council on public policy issues in Washington DC. Outside of work, Margot is an avid traveler (recent trips have included Mali, India, Paraguay, Madagascar and Indonesia) and is a gifted connector - bringing together friends and colleagues from around the world for good food and great conversation. 

Thanks to Margot, we developed a truly strategic plan providing clear direction and a detailed approach for measuring and monitoring results.
— Douglas Sessions, Executive Director of International Studies School Network, Asia Society